Technology is great…when it works.

Your technology – computers, printers, software, security – is an investment. It needs to be maintained to ensure it is has been a worthy investment. We can help. Data Protection Technology Assurance Plan (TAP) Training Implementing a Technology Refresh Cycle will keep your organization on budget and moving...

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So you have a new computer? The latest version of Microsoft Office? Just installed Quickbooks and you can”t figure out how to print a check? Need to learn how to scan from your all-in-one printer to your computer? Technology is great … when it works. Laurie Quinn and Carl Quinn have multiple years of experience of technology training. Whether you need training for one employee or a group of employees, we can help. Onsite Training A member of our team will come to your location and work with you on your computer. $115 / hour plus mileage RescueLogin (Remote Service) A member of...

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Remote Support

How does it work? Call us at (518) 392-6890 to request remote support A Technology 4 All technician will give you the 6-digit code to type into the support connection box Don”t worry – our technician will remain on the phone with you You will be prompted to approve the download of software You allow the technician control of your desktop Sit back, relax and watch your cursor move while our technician does all the work! What is this service used for? Troubleshooting (computer running slow, difficulty opening an email attachment, error messages, problems printing) Training (using...

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A non-profit organization has special needs and (often) a limited budget and resources; however, they are special.

Technology 4 All, Inc. is experienced with the technical and administrative needs of a non-profit.

We volunteer our time to make our community a better place, as well as donate many of our services in-kind to help these special organizations.

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Technology 4 All, Inc. is a professional company based in Ghent, New York. We’ve been providing technology services in the area since 1998 and have over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Technology 4 All recently participated on a project with the NYS Dept of State Committee on Open Government, “Evaluating the Importance of Technology and the Role of Information Providers within Local Governments in New York.”

Our company is familiar with NYS mandates regarding FOIL, Office of Real Property, data retention and BAS software programs.

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