A non-profit organization has special needs and (often) a limited budget and resources; however, they are special.

Technology 4 All, Inc. is experienced with the technical and administrative needs of a non-profit.

We volunteer our time to make our community a better place, as well as donate many of our services in-kind to help these special organizations.

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Technology Refresh Cycle

The purpose of a Technology Refresh Cycle is to establish a systematic approach to retiring and replacing computers and equipment that balances the need to keep technology current with the need to protect the environment. A Technology Refresh Cycle provides guidance when preparing a technology budget for replacing individual PCs and additional technology. Adequate PCs will benefit your employees by ensuring that each person always has a PC that can support new software as it is released, can minimize machine processing time, and can minimize the time spent on machine maintenance. Requiring...

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We provide a full range of IT services to small businesses in Columbia County, NY, as well as surrounding counties.

Technology 4 All, Inc. provides computer repair, maintenance contracts, training, network infrastructure, web design and disaster recovery solutions.

Whether you need a virus removed, have a printer that won’t behave or need a virtual IT department solution, we can help!

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