Technology 4 All, Inc. is a company based in Ghent, New York. We’ve been providing technology services in the area since 1998 and have over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Technology 4 All recently participated on a project with the NYS Dept of State Committee on Open Government, “Evaluating the Importance of Technology and the Role of Information Providers within Local Governments in New York.” The final report is available on the DOS website:

Why Should You Work with Us?

Disaster Recovery
During Hurricane Irene in August, 2011, many towns lost valuable files and records – both paper and digital. Technology 4 All offers a number of services to ensure your town information would be safe and available after a disaster.

Data Retention
Is your data being retained for future access? Technology 4 All provides data retention via our Remote Backup service as well as helping you convert records to a digital format for town and public access.

Under the Freedom of Information and the Open Meetings Laws, the public has the right to access government documents/records and attend meetings of public bodies. The recent passage of Bill S03255B states:
Requires records, including a proposed resolution, law, rule, regulation, policy or amendment thereto, scheduled to be presented and discussed by a public body at an open meeting be made available for review to the public; requires such records be made available on the agency’s website if it is regularly updated and they utilize a high speed internet connection.

Technology 4 All can provide a number of technology solutions, including the training, to ensure your website is current and provides the necessary documents and information for your residents and general public.

NYS Audit
New York State has implemented an extensive IT Questions section to their audit. Sample questions are:

  • How timely after equipment is out of service, is it sanitized and disposed of?
  • What process is in place to ensure that virus protection is up to date?
  • Describe how the system is backed up.
  • How many generations of backups are maintained?
  • Does the unit have a disaster recovery plan?

Our Technology Assurance Plan (TAP) provides consistent maintenance for the town’s technology, as well as a proactive technology environment for staff, residents and NYS.